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Meredith was a 2020 bride who unfortunately had to postpone her dream California wedding three times. After the third and final time of cancelling, she and her fiancé agreed to have a simple wedding shoot with their photographer.
At Meredith’s first fitting, we both agreed to reduce the quintessentially 1980s frills shoulders frills. The original bodice was unfortunately too sheer and lacked the interior structure to make it a completely strapless gown. Instead we decided it would be best to build a new corset, undo the original lace appliqués and beadwork and re-sew and re-bead the new bodice, while keeping the original skirt. Over 100 hours were spent to re-create and complete this new bodice. Additionally the new bodice with more iridescent and pearl beading than the original. The result was truly breathtaking - her sweet husband whom she’d hid the dress from for over 2 years was brought to tears during their first look.



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