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Jordan was one of my all time favorite brides, not only because she is me hairdresser (check her out at Latitude 33 in Anaheim Hills) but because she had been through so many fittings she became very well versed in fit and garment construction. Originally finding her dream dress in her home state, she was sold on the idea that their seamstresses could build off the shoulder sleeves, and lower the back neckline. After she picked up her gown, she was near tears in how poorly it fit and how her sleeves the bridal shop added did not look as if they were a part of the gown. One key thing I noticed right off the bat was that her hemline was crooked, and tailored incorrectly, to the point that it was too short on her. The seamstress who hemmed the gown chopped through the lace appliqu├ęs instead of unstitching each one and lifting them up. After 3 fittings, we were able to redesign her gown to the point where she felt flawless, and comfortable in her gown.



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