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Greta purchased her gown from one of my favorite vintage bridal stores in LA called Happy Isles. The owner Lilly immediately had a strong vision for this one of a kind gown, off the shoulder with silk roses bustier. The original design featured a full pleated skirt with bows and very dropped V waist. Greta from the beginning knew she wanted to have a high waist line to fall at her natural waist. After the first initial fitting I did a muslin fitting with a new version of the skirt, from this point on Greta and Lilly agreed that the design needs to be more simple and be a simple column skirt. I was able to source a nearly identical duchess silk, as well as recycle the original material as a lining fabric for the new design. The original material showed some signs of wear and this way we were able to have a fresh brand new material. The original silk flowers were also a little frayed and drab, after some research I was able to locate the original makers of the silk flowers to replace some of the well worn existing flowers. Greta came for approximately 7 fittings to perfect the fit and design of this show stopping gown! 

In the end Gretas initial May 2020 New York wedding was postponed to a more intimate private ceremony in Los Angeles.



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